City Council 

The City Council is the legislative and policy-making body for the City of La Habra Heights. Five Council Members are elected at large for four-year, overlapping terms of office. The Council annually elects one of its members to serve as Mayor. The Mayor presides over all Council meetings and is the ceremonial head of the City for official functions. 

As La Habra Heights elected representatives, the City Council represents the values of the electorate, determines community needs, and establishes municipal services. The Council determines service levels and revenue obligations through the adoption of an annual budget, authorizes City contracts and expenditures, establishes City service and operating policies, and adopts regulatory measures as may be necessary to protect of the community. 

Council Members represent the City on various intergovernmental organizations to achieve governmental cooperation, pursue legislation, and develop programs that are consistent with the community's needs. 

2019 Legislative Platform

(Please click the link above to view the 2019 Legislative Platform)

The Legislative Platform (“Platform”) defines the City’s Policy guidelines and provides the foundation for advocacy efforts at the federal, state, and local levels. Staff uses this Platform to identify relevant topic areas and subject matter, and makes recommendations to the City Council on specific legislation consistent with the policy guidelines. Additionally, in the event it is necessary for the City to respond to a legislative proposal in a timeframe that does not allow the City Council to take formal action, staff would express positions on bills in accordance with these guidelines, and then seek City Council direction at the appropriate time.

The Legislative Platform, would continue the practice of responding to legislative proposals as follows: (1) once a determination has been made that a legislative proposal may impact the City, a letter outlining the City’s position (support, neutral or oppose) will be drafted for the Mayor’s signature; (2) the City Manager will circulate the draft position letter to the City Council for review; (3) if there is Council objection, the position letter will be placed on the next Council agenda for consideration; (4) if there is no objection, Staff will finalize the position letter and forward it to the bill’s author, the League of California Cities, the City’s legislative advocate and other stakeholders as deemed appropriate; and (5) a copy of the final letter will be distributed to the City Council.

Mission Statement

The City of La Habra Heights is committed to preserving our community character and rural lifestyle, as well as providing high-quality economical and responsive services to our actively involved residents. City staff is determined to be the most effective small city operation in the country.