Carey Klingfus, Council Member

Carey Klingfus was elected to the City Council of the City of La Habra Heights in 2017. He served as Mayor Pro Tempore in 2019.

Council Member Klingfus has been a resident of the community since 2004. Him and his wife of 27 years moved to La Habra Heights to raise their five children. He believes in protecting the City’s scenic vistas and rural lifestyle, a rarity in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Council Member Klingfus believes in transparency of the City’s administrative and representative processes, as well as transparency of the City Council in making decisions based on the greater good of the community as a whole, rather than special interests or outside influences.

As an experienced businessman, Council Member Klingfus strives to do everything within his power to protect the stability of the City, both fiscally and legally, while doing his utmost to ensure that all residents are represented fairly and equally. Additionally, Council Member Klingfus strives to improve the La Habra Heights living experience while keeping taxes and fees low.  

Term Expires: November 2022

City Council Committees

  • Investment Advisory Committee, Member

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