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Burro service is required if the street is too narrow or if there is no outlet/turnaround for a standard automated side-loader. Carts will be serviced with a Burro truck at the street.

If you would like to request new services please visit our Requesting New Services page.

On March 13, 2014 the City Council awarded a contract for solid waste disposal services to Republic Waste Services of Southern California. The new service commenced on June 1, 2014.

Find out why the city is changing from haul away to republic waste services through reading this letter (PDF).

As of June 1, 2014 all residents will be required to pay for collection services. This is to discourage the accumulation of trash and animal waste. The State of California has mandated all cities to test for the presence of trash, metals, nitrates and bacteria to prove that roads, streams and aquifers are not carrying pollutants downstream. More information on the testing can be found here.

Take a look at a summary of service costs and terms of the agreement.

View the full Republic Waste Services agreement with all terms and conditions (PDF).

Monthly Cart Rates

Service Description    Rate Effective July 1, 2018
Set of 3 ea. 96 gallon carts (1 ea. refuse, 1 ea. recycling, and 1 ea. greenwaste)    $ 18.46
Additional Refuse Cart - Rate per Cart per Month    $ 7.11
Additional Greenwaste Cart - Rate per Cart per Month    $ 4.89
Manure Cart - Rate per Manure Cart per Month    $ 21.69
Cart Roll Out (Scout) Service - Rate per Customer per Month    $ 32.28
Burro Truck Service - Rate per Customer per Month    $ 18.46
On-call Bulky Item Pickup beyond five (5) items twice per year - Rate per Additional Pickup    $ 45.22
Additional Bulky Items after 5     $ 6.73
Cart Wash Service - Rate per Visit; up to five (5) carts washed per visit    $ 38.76
Additional Recyclables Cart(s)    No Charge
Extra Services - Residential            
Extra Pick Up - each cart    $ 24.33
Exchange Carts (3)    $ 37.65
Cart Replacement (due to customer misuse)     $ 66.62

Service Rates

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