Planning Commission

Meetings start at 6:30 p.m., every 4th Tuesday of every month

  • Community Center - Multi-Purpose Room

 Member  Appointed   Term Expiration
Fred Klein, Chair March 12, 2018 December, 2022
Carol Engelhardt, Vice Chair January 13, 2020 December, 2024
Stephen Blagden, Commissioner December 14, 2017 December, 2022
Richard Beckman, Commissioner July 12, 2021 December, 2022
Rick Brooks, Commissioner December 9, 2019 December,
Vacant, Alternate

    Meetings held the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. at City Hall Council Chambers; no stipend is provided.

Commission Facts

  1. No compensation is paid to commissioners.
  2. Elected officials may not serve on existing commissions.
  3. Commissioners are not allowed to serve on more than one commission at the same time.


The Planning Commission holds hearings in a public forum to review a multitude of projects related to land use planning for the city.  The Planning Commission may also review proposed city ordinances and other issues related to consistency with the General Plan.

The Planning Commission consists of five volunteer members appointed by the City Council.  Each City Council member appoints one commissioner to serve a term concurrent with their term in office.  Planning commissioners are selected by the City Council for their interest, experience, and expertise.

How to Testify at the Planning Commission Meeting

To testify at a Planning Commission hearing, you will be asked to complete a speaker identification card at the hearing.  If you are speaking regarding an item on the agenda, you will be called after city staff and the applicant make their presentations.  Public testimony is usually limited to three minutes per person.  If you believe you need more time for your testimony, you may ask the Planning Commission chairperson to grant you more time.  If you are with a group of people that are interested in speaking on a project, it is advisable that the group designate one speaker. The designated speaker should identify himself or herself as the representative for the group.

If you are unable to attend a Planning Commission meeting but interested in providing comments, you may send written comments to the Planning Division prior to the hearing date and the comments will be distributed to the commissioners to become part of the hearing record.

  1. Fred Klein


  2. Carol Engelhardt

    Vice Chair

  3. Stephen Blagden


  4. Richard Beckman


  5. Rick Brooks