Roads Advisory Committee

Meetings start at 6:30 p.m., every 4th Wednesday of every month

  • City Hall - Multi-Purpose Room
 Member Appointed Term Expiration
 Tony Donato, ChairApril 2, 2016None
 John Steele, Vice ChairApril 2, 2016None
Glen Pedersen, MemberApril 2, 2016None
Stephen Blagden, AlternateApril 2, 2016None
 Jack Sayler, AlternateApril 2, 2016None
Vacant, Member--
 Vacant, Member--


To assist the City Council in developing a comprehensive program to attain and sustain a desired level of roads maintenance and repairs.


  1. Reviewing various financing options for road maintenance.
  2. Making recommendations as to the adequacy of the pavement management program and the overall plan for road maintenance.
  3. Educating the public about road maintenance needs and methods.

Committee Facts

  1. No compensation is paid to committee members.
  2. Elected officials may not serve on existing committee members.
  3. Committee members are not allowed to serve on more than one commission/committee at the same time

Resolution No. 2019-51

Resolution establishing the Roads Advisory Committee.