Investment Advisory Committee

The Investment Advisory Committee is to provide advice to City Council regarding the City’s investments, annually review the City’s Investment Policy, review the City’s Investment Portfolio quarterly, and consult the City Treasurer with insights on investment opportunities. Committees are only advisory in capacity and authority to invest still rests with the City Treasurer. Typically, such committees consist of some combination of the following: one or two Council Members, the City Treasurer, and three to five resident members who are industry specialists. In La Habra Heights, staff support would be provided by the City Manager and Finance Department. The Investment Advisory Committee meets the second Wednesday of January, April, July and October at 3:00 p.m.

 Delegates  Appointed  Term Expiration
Council Member, Brian Bergman   May 11, 2017  None
Council Member, Carey Klingfus  November 13, 2018  None
 City Treasurer, Don Tilley   May 11, 2017 None
 David Little    May 11, 2017 May, 2021
 William Herzog   May 11, 2017 May, 2021
 Dinesh Ghiya February 12, 2018 February, 2022