City Manager's Office

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Mission Statement

The City of La Habra Heights is committed to preserving our community character and rural lifestyle, as well as providing high-quality economical and responsive service to our actively involved residents. City staff is determined to be the most effective small city operation in the country.


The City Manager works under the broad policy guidance of the City Council, performing high level administrative, technical and professional work in directing and supervising the administration of the City. The City Manager exercises supervision over all municipal employees either directly or through subordinate supervisors, with the exception of the City Attorney who reports to the City Council. The City Manager's Office administers and executes City Council policy, presents recommendations and provides the information that enables the City Council to make decisions on matters of policy. The City Manager's Office also responds promptly to all citizen inquiries and requests, and distributes information regarding City activities.

All of the City's department heads and key managers, including the fire department, finance department and community development report to the City Manager. 

In addition, the City Manager's Office is responsible for coordinating the City's State and Federal legislative advocacy program, grants, City Council ad hoc committee programming, and regional collaboration. The office is also responsible for completing management studies/operational analysis and special projects; providing budget support; and preparing the Capital Improvement Program (CIP).
  1. Salary Information

The La Habra Heights City Manager salary is $12,051 monthly.

La Habra Heights City Manager Contract

Fiscal Year 2022-23 Salary Schedule