Did you receive your orange envelope?

Official assessment ballots were mailed to property owners on April 24, 2018.

If you did not receive a ballot, please contact Tiffany Ellis, NBS at (800) 676-7516.

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1. Did you receive your orange envelope?
2. Who may complete a ballot?
3. Proportional assessment ballots
4. Duplicate ballots
5. Marking and signing the ballot
6. Who may return ballots?
7. Where to return ballots?
8. When to return ballots?
9. Withdrawal of assessment ballots
10. Changes to assessment ballots
11. Which assessment ballots will be counted?
12. When and where will ballots be tabulated?
13. How will ballots be tabulated?
14. Who will tabulate ballots?
15. Results of tabulation
16. Disclosure of ballots